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April 11, 2023
Unison Supply

How Landscaping Boosts Property Value

“Curb appeal” is a term that comes up often in residential real estate, but the concept applies to more than just privately owned homes. Experienced commercial real estate owners and property managers know that the external appearance of their properties has a significant impact on their perceived value. Professionally designed and maintained landscaping is well worth the investment, as it adds value to appraisals and helps to bring in higher rental income from business and residential tenants.

In the same way that business attire creates a professional first impression that heightens expectations, attractive landscaping around a commercial property elevates a visitor’s estimation of what they can expect when they go inside. This factor makes such a property more attractive to potential tenants, who want their location to reflect well on them to their clientele. When an owner cares for the property through steps like maintaining high-quality landscaping, they’re more likely to fill vacancies quickly, retain long-term tenants, and reduce turnover.

What Research Tells Us

Multiple studies back up the idea that professional landscaping has a positive return on investment. According to data cited in a report from the University of Washington, commercial offices with high-quality landscapes had a 7% higher rental rate. A study by the Florida Nursery Growers and Landscaping Association indicates that professional landscaping can also increase commercial property resale amounts by up to 14% and shorten sales time, compared to properties with poorly kept exteriors. Clearly, whether owners are seeking a better return through ongoing income or a higher sales price, paying attention to their property’s landscaping is worth the trouble.

Plantings and Hardscapes

Commercial landscapes are a mix of plantings and hardscapes—that is, fixed, non-living components like walkways, driveways, parking lots, retaining walls, patios, etc. Ideally, the living elements chosen will work in conjunction with existing hardscape elements to create a unified, pleasing whole that complements the building and works well with the climate and location. Ongoing maintenance should also be a consideration in the creation of a new landscape design. For example, in Southern California, drought-tolerant plants can help keep plantings looking healthy and beautiful even when water restrictions limit irrigation.

Lawns and large trees anchor a landscape design because these are essentially permanent elements. Owners should carefully consider the placement and ongoing maintenance needs of trees, as they can be both expensive and impractical to replace. Shrubs, hedges, and perennial plants come next—while they are less expensive, they will also not change frequently. These should be chosen with the overall design in mind, ensuring that they enhance the hardscape and softscape decisions that have already been made.
Annual plants provide the opportunity to add visual punch to the landscaping and change up the look from season to season. These can be added to containers, window boxes, or hanging baskets, as well as planted along walkways. Because annuals tend to be less expensive, this strategy is great for freshening up a building’s landscaping without having to make drastic and costly changes.

Commercial owners serious about maintaining the value of their property know that having landscaping professionally designed and maintained is a necessary cost of doing business. A low-maintenance landscape created to use hardscapes and plantings to the best effect provides an ongoing return on investment that more than justifies the cost.

Finding the Right Tool for the Job

For landscape professionals, time spent hunting for the right, high-quality tools and equipment can be frustrating time wasted when you can’t locate what you need. Lawn and Arborist Depot is your one-stop resource for garden tools, outdoor power equipment, arborist and landscape equipment, safety supplies, irrigation, lawn care, and more. Our knowledgeable staff will help you find exactly what you’re looking for at competitive prices that are friendly to your bottom line. Come visit our warehouse or contact us here to learn more about how we can keep your business stocked with the right tools for every job.


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