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DIG BOHE-BT Hose End Timer features Bluetooth Low Energy wireless technology combined with a full-function, waterproof timer with flexibility and architecture to provide a long-lasting, reliable, and feature-packed irrigation timer controlled via your smartphone. Download DIG’s free DIG BTT app to control any number of DIG Bluetooth hose end timers and controllers through supported Android or iPhone smart devices from up to 50 feet (15 meters), line of sight. DIG’s single-button Hose End Timer with Bluetooth Low Energy wireless technology rugged design is ideal for use in residential home garden applications or where AC power is unavailable. It features a waterproof design (IP 64) and can operate for up to one year on two AA alkaline batteries.

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  • Operates with any supported Android or iPhone smart device.
  • Programmed entirely using an accompanying smartphone app.
  • Bluetooth communication range: up to 50 feet (15 m).
  • Manual irrigation cycle can be performed via the app, the timer’s manual program button or the solenoid.
  • Latching solenoid with the encapsulated plunger for reliable operation.

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