Kong | Frog Cable Directional Connector (KNG-700-200)

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With an innovative approach, that characterizes KONG, comes out Frog, a revolutionary directional connector, provided with an automatic clamping that takes place touching the anchor point. Produced after a hard design in collaboration with Politecnico of Milan, Frog is a totally new connector, both in appearance and in the mechanism. Frog makes obsolete the concept of a carabiner thought as a “hook”. The insertion is extraordinarily quick and safe, even in “far” anchor points, not easy to be reached with standard connectors. It automatically clamps coming into contact with an anchor point. Special for anchoring on metal cables. High-quality products were completely developed and produced in Italy. Tested piece by piece.

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Made from aluminum alloy, this frog cable is an excellent tool when working with metal structures, roof and inclines plane, rope access, and sailboats.

Classic Figure 8 Descenders are available in Aluminum and Stainless Steel with MBS ranging to 50kN, over 11,000 Lbs.! We offer Single and Twin Ascenders for rope diameters from 8mm to 13mm Single handed Lift Ascenders are offered in Right and Left hand units.

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