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Hydrobot is a descending device designed specifically for modern canyoning, with options for one or two ropes, a unique auto-locking mechanism in case of emergency, a central bar fixed by a screw that allows for overturning for use by left-handed climbers, and is the only device of its kind fitted with a magnet to retain the mobile bar.

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The Kong Hydrobot is a descension device with a number of unique features. It comes in an anodized black and is made of a proprietary aluminum alloy.


  • Length: 142mm (5.59 in.)
  • Minimum rope diameter: 5mm
  • Maximum rope diameter: 12mm
  • Primary intended usage: Canyoning

Above all, referring to the detailed list of instructions and warnings for this product is extremely important, as the user accepts all responsibility for the information therein. Failure to follow these warnings can result in severe injury or death. Activities involving the use of this equipment are inherently dangerous, and the use is assuming the responsibility to obtain the necessary training from qualified and competent instructors and understanding the symbols, terms, and instructions for inspection before use.

They can be found in the following document: PDF

The Kong Hydrobot descending device exemplifies the best of the legacy of the Benaiti family’s heritage as a manufacturer of high-quality metal goods since the 1830s and Kong’s heritage as an innovator and visionary in the world of mountaineering since 1977. The Hydrobot descender features innovations like the magnet that retains its mobile bar, a first in products of its kind. The ability to overturn the bar makes it an excellent choice for anyone, as handedness or a bias to one side is no issue for this specialized device. While devices like these should be retired in the event of an accident or excessive force being exerted onto the device, the built-in auto-locking device can provide the tension needed in an emergency situation, making the device safe and reliable even in extreme climbing conditions. The Hydrobot comes with an unlimited 3 year warranty.

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