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PROGRESS ADJUST-I is a single adjustable progression lanyard that, when combined with another lanyard, allows continuous connection for different types of progression (such as rope ascent or moving along a fixed line). The length can be quickly and easily adjusted using the ADJUST rope adjuster. Reversible, the ADJUST rope adjuster can be placed on the anchor or on the harness ventral attachment point. The CAPTIV ADJUST and STUART accessories help hold the connectors in a good position for easy clipping.

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  • Adjustable single lanyard provides continuous connection during all types of progression when used with a second lanyard:
    • Rope ascent: lanyard for attaching an ASCENSION-handled rope clamp, PROGRESS ADJUST-I progression lanyard allows adjustment of lanyard length when passing intermediate anchors.
    • Moving along a lifeline: lanyards of the same length to facilitate progression.
  • Easy handling:
    • The ADJUST rope adjuster is reversible and can be placed on the anchor or on the harness ventral attachment point.
    • Very quick and precise length adjustment due to the ergonomic shape of the ADJUST rope adjuster.
    • CAPTIV ADJUST positioning bar helps hold the ADJUST rope adjuster properly and keeps the lanyard and rope adjuster integrated with the carabiner.
    • It can be used with VERTIGO connector and the TANGA accessory when the rope adjuster is at the anchor.
    • STUART accessory helps hold the connector properly when the rope adjuster is attached to the harness ventral attachment point.
    • Compatible with the gated ventral attachment point on ASTRO harnesses.
  • Dynamic rope lanyard to limit the impact force transmitted to the user in the event of a shortfall.
  • Individual identification marking on the plastic sheath to track equipment throughout its lifespan.

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