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The Rock Exotica Akimbo descent device is a mid-line attachable friction system that lets a climber both descend and ascend with a stationary or moving rope set-up without needing to be detached from your harness and without needing to change any equipment between the ascent and descent. The settings can be dialed in to your specifications to ensure excellent performance within a wide range of climber weights and rope types and diameters without the need for external tools.

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The Rock Exotica Akimbo is small and lightweight, fits approximately in the palm of one’s hand, and comes in a pleasing and easily-recognizable blue with markings indicating appropriate use.


Rope Sizes*: 11.5mm – 13mm

Weight Limit: 100kg or 130kg (220lb or 286lb)

Weight: 9.2oz (261gm)

Certification: CE

Above all, referring to the detailed list of instructions and warnings for this product is extremely important, as the user accepts all responsibility for the information therein. Failure to follow these warnings can result in severe injury or death. Activities involving the use of this equipment are inherently dangerous, and the use is assuming the responsibility to obtain the necessary training from qualified and competent instructors and understanding the symbols, terms, and instructions for inspection before use.

They can be found in the following document: PDF

With a humble start in 1978 in Utah amongst the local ski resorts and canyons, Rock Exotica and its founder Rock Thompson have been providing the world of mountaineering, rigging, rescue, arboriculture and general climbing innovative, high-quality products since the very beginning. Having partnered with major manufacturers to produce carabiners and other climbing staples in the past, the company’s investment in state-of-the-art processes and milling equipment has given them the experience, knowledge and reputation necessary to introduce products like the Akimbo. With a distinct look and intuitive functionality, the Akimbo is perfect for both SRS and MRS climbing, opens easily to remove or install ropes mid-line in seconds, and then compresses back down into a compact form, keeping it moving and out of the way while on the rope and making it easy to transport and store off the rope. Unlike closed loop attachments, the Akimbo features a wire gate to allow the climber to use smaller carabiners to connect to the SRS attachment point, or to the loop of a cord. Rock Exotica recommends caution when making a choice of rope to be used with the device, as it can influence the maximum working load. Please refer to the previously linked PDF for more details.

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