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July 1, 2022
Unison Supply

Types of Herbicides

What are Herbicides? 

Herbicides are chemical substances that kill plants, causing their leaves, stems, and roots to wilt. They have been used for many years in agriculture and forestry, and other industries such as landscaping, golf courses, and lawn care services. 

Herbicides can be applied directly to the soil or sprayed on leaves or grass. They may also be injected into the ground and released over time. Herbicides can be used on any plant considered a weed, but they may also kill crops like corn and soybeans if not used properly. While weeds may seem harmless, they can harm your crops and make them unusable.

In urban settings, herbicides control unwanted plants. These plants can destroy lawns, gardens, and parks and can even degrade fields for sports. Herbicides also help keep green spaces safe for recreational and sporting activities. These are some types of herbicides.

Selective and Non-selective

Selective herbicides only target specific plant species and are often used as weedkillers.

Non-selective herbicides are not recommended for use on ornamental lawns, golf courses, or other areas where you want to keep unwelcome weeds at bay because they kill all plants without discrimination.

Gardeners are spraying.


You can apply these herbicides as liquid or granular, and the soil generally takes both forms equally. Sprinkler systems are another option for spreading the herbicide. Pre-emergent herbicides are safe to use when properly applied. They must cover the target area, as missed areas can cause weeds to grow back. Always read the label to learn more about the herbicides’ ingredients and the warnings. Make sure you’re wearing protective clothing, gloves, and eye protection when using herbicides.


Post-emergent herbicides are applied to the already existing weeds. However, they only work on weeds that the label says are compatible. If you’re using post-emergent herbicides, you must follow the directions for each type so as not to damage any other plants on the lawn.

Post-emergent herbicides work by infiltrating the plant’s foliage and roots. They disrupt photosynthesis and inhibit root growth.


● They kill unwanted plants without harming the environment or human health.

● It is safe to use them on all types of plants, including vegetables, fruits, and grains, when used properly.

● It only takes a few minutes to apply.

● They prevent weeds from growing back by killing the roots of the plant

● They save you time and money by preventing weeds from spreading

Herbicides are toxic chemicals, so they should not be handled carelessly or without proper protection. Unison Supply offers you both selective and nonselective herbicides, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. They are affordable and have easy-to-follow instructions. Contact us today for more information!


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